A long , and unexpected hiatus…

I did not intend to disappear from the face of the blogging world… but then the end of the semesters finals hit, and I pretty much had a total mental breakdown.

I still do not feel back to 100%, and probably will not until I am done with grad school and can have a few seconds to breathe. Without a doubt, grad school has kicked my butt. This semester in particular was very rough. I missed nearly the entire first week of classes due to a family emergency and never quite felt like I got back on my feet. I also am trying to work out my thesis and having a lot of trouble with getting a topic approved.

But, I am still planning on keeping this blog running and back on its bi-weekly schedule. I think keeping to a schedule is my best bet to keep myself sane.

I’m working on a great short story for an amazingly fun collection that will be out next year, and have several other projects in the works.

So to make up for my absence, here are a few treats!

A great presentation I put together about Fandom (seriously, I am very proud of this)

Me reading the first part of my story The Pulptress!

Expect regular posts to resume this weekend with the first real ‘return’ post this Tuesday!

Thank you all so much for your patience.

And let me know if you enjoy the reading, I’d consider doing more if any one was interested.


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