Gifts for Writers

So the Christmas season is upon us (though if you go by the retail calendar, it’s been the holiday season October…) and I wanted to take the chance to share some simple gift ideas for writers.


On another note, I want to encourage you to do your shopping with local and small businesses as opposed to big retail chains. I know it can be a challenge to do this, but it really does make all the difference to those people, and to your community.


1. Books!

This is a gee no duh suggestion. Books are a writer’s best friend. If you have seen your writer buddy lusting over a book in your local library or bookstore… write down the title and buy it for them later..then surprise them with it. If you don’t know a book, find a gift card or take a chance and buy them one of the books on this list.

2. Time.

You know those kind of cheesy coupon books.

Take a note from those and make offers of time or help for your writer loved one. Offer to provide dinner one night, to help clean their kitchen, to watch their cat/dog/house one time for free. Promise to encourage them to write, and to not call them at 7pm when you know that’s there hour of writing time.


3. Office Supplies!

Maybe I am bias here because I love office supplies, but I know a lot of writers need and use office supplies on a regular basis. Some plot out their novels on post-its or notecards. Some go through sharpies like its going out of style with signing books. If you know your writer uses them, than they can be a great, practical gift.


4. A Class, Workshop, or Magazine subscription.

There are some great magazines, and online classes and workshops that can be available for writers. There are tons of options. Some of the better known ones are Writer’s Digest and Poets and Writers, but there are plenty of others, including local universities and colleges. (Check their Continuing Education courses). See if there’s one your loved one has been looking out and help them out.


5. A full edit of a manuscript.

Now this one really can be very pricey, but a great gift is to offer to pay for your loved one’s manuscript to be professionally edited. Let your friend determine the details, but promise to pay for it (again, this can be a lot of money so discuss price limits beforehand).



And that’s my list of a few suggestions for gifts for writers. Let me know if you’ve got any other ideas!



  1. jbay Said:

    I’m just seeing this now, even though gift-giving isn’t in season anymore. 🙂 I got my sister a subscription to the Journal of the Month —

    They send a different journal each month (or every other month). You may get the Iowa Review, New South, Harvard Review, Carolina Quarterly, or more! The anticipation alone sounds fun.

    Nice list! I particularly like the class or workshop gift. I would LOVE if someone got that for me! Happy 2013.

    • Andi Judy Said:

      Great gift! I
      Thanks for sharing the link to journal of the month! That looks like a great gift idea… I am a little jealous of your sister now!

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