No Two Things Are Not On Fire

It always seems that when one thing goes wrong, everything goes wrong. You can’t just have one failure, but have a series of failures that all fall into your lap all at once. So, when the world is falling into chaos, how can you work on writing when life is going crazy?

What’s worked for me is to write as early in the day as possible. Write right when you get up, that way you can get to it before the to-do list of the day overflows. Try to get up even just ten minutes early and get your writing done. It’s amazing how much it can help by getting those words in early in the day.

Another thing to do is to take small moments to write. You have ten minutes free before your next meeting? Write. Carry a pencil and pad (or write on your phone, tablet, etc.) in the small batches of free time you have. You can get a lot done if you stop trying to carve out large chunks o time and utilize the little breaks. This can be challenging, but with time and effort you can adjust to it. If I sit and just write for 15 minutes I can get almost 800 words written, that’s a good chunk done without trying to find an hour in the midst of chaos.

Sometimes, there will be moments when writing falls by the side in order for you to keep moving. It’s alright when that happens. The problem comes when you have to suddenly return to writing after going through a crazy time.

Try to get on a schedule. Write at 7pm every day for a week. Don’t worry so much about the number of words but give yourself 15 minutes, then 20….then 30….and so on. Build yourself back into writing every day.

Just remember that things will calm back down, life will get back under control, and the ship will sail on. Don’t panic, stay focused, and keep writing!


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