Connooga Review

Almost anyone who asks me about conventions always hears me start with Connooga as one of my favorite conventions. Part of that is personal bias for sure. Connooga is the first convention I went to with the idea of ‘I’m going to be a writer!’

I went to almost every panel on the lit track (totally creeped on most of the authors there), listened, learned, and made an amazing batch of new friends. This is probably the convention I feel most at home at. Every time I come to Connooga, I feel like it’s a big family reunion. This year was no different. There were some new faces, and some that sadly weren’t able to join us, but all in all it was an amazing reunion.

The lit track, as always, was superb, the topics were varied and interesting, and the audience has really grown over the years. If you are a writer (or just a fan of any sort) than this convention should absolutely be on your must go list.

Thank you to every single person that I met there this weekend, and I hope that you had an amazing time too!


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  1. bobbynash Said:

    It was great seeing you at the con, Andrea.

    I agree 100%. Con Nooga is great. Robby and his staff have really made the Lit Track a must attend. I’m excited to return next year.


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