Getting Back On The Writing Horse…

While I am still finishing up school, I now have a bit more time to write.  It’s strange getting back on the writing every day train, not to mention getting back on the blogging regularly schedule. (Sorry for missing Saturday by the way…)

However, I am now on the 21st day of my writing streak. I’ve written at least 750 words every day since the first day of May. It’s been a struggle, and part of the motivation has been that I am sharing my work with others and I feel obligated to produce for them. It’s an invigorating thought that someone is counting on me to write something for them. 

As the month progresses I am surprising myself with how little time I have to devote to it to get it done. If I sit down and just focus, I can be done in 15 to 30 minutes. The work is rough, it needs editing, but the words are on the page, and that’s what matters.

I’ve found that I tend to work best at night, though morning works in a pinch, and the things that slows me down more than anything else is the Internet. Popping on to just check one thing, to look up something, or to send an email, and suddenly an hours passed and there’s nothing to show for it aside from a few new levels beaten on Candy Crush. 

So I’ve removed games from my phones, and social media profiles, and I’ve started to monitor the amount of time I spend on them. When I started writing again at the beginning of this month, I had to close out of my email, and shut down the wifi connection on my laptop. Now, I’m able to monitor myself and keep myself focused on my task. If I start to stray, I shut down the Internet again. 

What I’ve learned this month is that I can write any time. I wrote when I had family in from out of town, I wrote when I had friends over, I wrote on the day I graduated, and I wrote every day since starting a full time job for the first time in two years. This has restored my confidence and shaken me out of my excuses.

I have no excuse to not be writing every day. 

It’s a bit strange, feeling like you’re starting over, but now that classes are over, I can start back writing again, and it’s a wonderful feeling to be excited and motivated again. 


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  1. jbay Said:

    This is something I’ve struggled with for so long. I miss a day, and then it’s so easy to miss another day, and another. Congrats to you on your new job, your graduation, AND on daily writing! It’s inspiring to read that it’s possible. Thanks for sharing!

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