The 25 things I’ve learned at the age of 25

This Thursday I turned 25. It’s been a whirlwind year for sure, so I wanted to do a quick and dirty list of 25 things I’ve learned this year.


  1. Sometimes things don’t work out like your planned. Projects don’t come through, and you have to move on and keep going.
  2. Homemade jam is the best.
  3. One thing can throw you off for months.
  4. Sometimes, it’s totally okay to lock yourself in the shower and cry your head off.
  5. But not every day.
  6. A good night’s sleep can fix a lot of things.
  7. chamomile honey tea is awesome before bed.
  8. Don’t watch Tru Crime TV shows directly before bed or you will have weird dreams.
  9.  Writing a thesis is just about the hardest thing I’ve ever done.
  10. Resumes, cover letters, and job interviews are worth it in the end.
  11. There really is nothing like having great friend(s) and roommate(s) to come home to every day.
  12. Thunderstorms make the best sleeping weather.
  13. Writing every day is something that can be done.
  14. Eggs are awesome…even when slightly overcooked.
  15. When I fangirl I lose the ability to speak and just squeak. It’s mortifying.
  16. The memory of someone saying ‘I loved your story.’ will make me smile for the rest of my life.
  17. Cable isn’t really necessary at all.
  18. It’s amazing to get sucked into a story whether it’s on TV, in a book, comic, video game, or a movie.
  19. It’s okay to take a day to do nothing to keep yourself sane.
  20. Dating is not for me.
  21. Playing the Kinect will keep you humble. Especially about your dance moves.
  22. The cliché will always hold true: friends and family really do make life worth living.
  23. Salted caramel is and will always be delicious.
  24. Writing is what I was meant to do, and what I will always come back to.
  25. I still have a lot to learn.




  1. andreakbeltran Said:

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  2. Eric Said:

    Number 25 should always be on everyone’s list.

  3. Laura W. Said:

    We just made 15 jars of homemade strawberry jam. I LOVE jam. I’ll never eat store-bought jam again.

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