Life Doesn’t Always Play Fair

So I thought I was going to be able back to updating this blog regularly at the start of the summer, but life likes to play games. My thesis was suppose to be turned in and done tomorrow, but due to some unfortunate circumstances and misunderstandings, it won’t be turned in until the end of August which is dragging out an already painful and annoying process even further.

The pushing back of my thesis very nearly pushed me to the point of dropping out. I’m so frustrated and devestated by this delay. I want to be done with this paper, with this degree more than I’ve wanted almost anything. I don’t want to spend my life writing academic examinations. I want to write stories.

I’m also moving this month to a new totally awesome place, but moving is always chaotic and stressful. This move is also keeping me from attending one of my favorite conventions, FandomFest, and that really breaks my heart. I’d really hoped to have this new place have no associations with my thesis, but unfortunately that will not be the case.

So, for now, this blog will fall into a once a week update pattern. These updates may be writing advice or they may be random personal entries, like this one, or they be be interviews.

Thanks for sticking with me.



  1. sarah smith Said:

    Hang in there, my sweet granddaughter, life always seems to throw us some curves – that’s how we learn – some from the curves, some from just life’s little whatevers, but we can always learn something!

  2. andreakbeltran Said:

    Wishing you the best with all of this.

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