Just who is Judy Black?


(Judy Black is not my real name. My real name is Andrea (Andi) Judy. You can read about my decision to use Judy Black here.)

I have been told I am far too cute, too sweet and too girly to possibly write anything as dark and twisted as I do. But honestly, why do you think I wear all the lace and the frills? How else am I going to hide the knife?

I write in a lot of different genres including: romance, erotica, sci-fi, fantasy, Young Adult, Horror, Literary, and I also delve into poetry and non-fiction. My passions are reading, writing and giggiling at stupid jokes.


Professional Publication and Presentation Credit

Split Peas (short story) Published: The Peacock’s Feet, Volume 33: 2008

Parasthesia (short story) Published: The Peacock’s Feet, Volume 34: 2009

Onus (poem) Published: The Peacock’s Feet, Volume 35 2010

Epicene (poem) Published: Ascent Aspirations: Volume 15, Number 3

Origins (poem) Published: Battered Suitcase: Volume 3, Issue 4

Faceboook: Friend or Foe? Presented at 2010 Georgia Resident Assistant Saturday Seminar

Panel Moderator: The Writing Life: ConNooga 2012

High Wire: One Act Play.

The Bone Queen: The Pulptress: Fall 2012

Pulp Ark 2012: Literary Guest Writer on Panels: Women in Pulp, and Pulp Poetry

FandomFest 2012: Literary Guest Writer on Panels: Making Your Editor Happy, Knuckle Sandwiches (Pulp), Female Characters in Horror, and Exploring Genres: Southern Gothic

Upcoming Pro Se Press Anthology

ConNooga 2013: Literary Guest Writer

Georgia Literary Festival 2013 Guest



Have a question? Comment? Book you’d like me to review? Expression of love or hate? You can e-mail me at judyblackcloud@gmail.com




  1. Dick Said:

    You look appropriately haunted here, Judy!

  2. Ed Crandell Said:

    Did you feel like you learned anything worthwhile at the Con Nooga Literary Track panels this year?

    • Judy Black Said:

      Oh wow, I learned so much. I also found some inspiration again. I was seriously lacking on the drive to write and just being around so many amazing and creative people (like you!!) made me want to write again. For that I am deeply grateful and thrilled!

      • Ed Crandell Said:

        Usually, there are more people on the panel than in the audience. It was so nicet o see so many out there this time – and TAKING NOTES!!! I’m glad that we could be of help, even people like me who are just doing it for the fun of it. ;]

      • Ed Crandell Said:

        The typo “nicet o” shows I should just be doing this for fun! X(

  3. rachelmhunter Said:

    Wonderful website, Andrea! Your work sounds intriguing. A little darkness never hurt. 😉


  4. Darkness is the natural state of the universe.

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