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Dear future me…


Birthday cake

I’m writing this to you from 2014 and scheduling it to appear on your 2015 birthday, isn’t technology great?

Hopefully there hasn’t been a tragic accident and you get to read this. If not, I love you everyone reading this.

2014 was a great year, huh? But I’m willing to bet that by your 2015 birthday, things are even greater.

I hope you’re still writing and busting your butt to reach your dreams. Maybe you’ve landed an agent and a cool book deal by now, but if not, that’s alright too. I just hope you’re keeping at it and working hard.

Are you still thinking about getting a pet? Maybe now’s the time to just do it and get a furry little friend to have around to keep you company. I hope you’re also doing better at taking care of yourself and not just eating mac and cheese all the time (though mac and cheese is awesome).

Are you still planning to go to San Diego Comic Con? Have you bought a house?

It’s weird to think that so much can change in a year, but I bet a lot has shifted since 2014. You’re another year older, (maybe) wiser, and another year closer to your goals!

Here’s to you kicking butt in the future!

Happy birthday!

2014 Andrea


Fandom First: Demographics

While in grad school I had the chance to study quantitate methods of study and was tasked with running a small  survey. I ran a survey through social media to take a look at the demographics of Fandom. I was a bit overwhelmed when over 500 people responded to the survey.  While the survey is not perfect (hey I was in school learning about surveys at the time) I found the responses very interesting and wanted to share the results.

What is your gender?

This one matches most conceptions of fandom as a female dominated space. Many of the creators of fanwork are women and the community skews female. This survey is also influenced by the reach of social media and the demographics on use on those sites.

What is your age?

This presents a different idea of fandom than many people have preconceived. Fandom is frequently viewed as the space of teenagers. However, the results show that the community is primarily between 18-34 not primarily under 18.

Where are you located results?This is heavily influenced by the location the survey was posted on social media sites and by my own network that the survey was exposed to which is heavily USA based.

What role does fandom play in your life? results

For most people fandom is a large part of their entertainment, expression and community. However, in all categories fandom was view as most important even if by a slim margin.

I believe fandom... results

The theme of community and expression continue in this question. Many people admitted to finding and making friends based on a shared fandom. In the open answer portion of this question, it also represented a safe space for many people to explore and question topics ranging from sexuality to morality.

Fandom is very important to me results

The majority of those who responded viewed fandom as very important part.

How do you interact within the fandom community

Again the distribution of the fandom survey via social media skewed the results and the majority of respondents said social media was a means of interaction. (Also I’m so sorry I neglected to include cosplay as an option! I spaced out on that. )

Is fandom an important part of your identity?

Overwhelming the majority of people viewed fandom as an important part of their identity and that labeling themselves as fans/nerds/geeks was an important part of who they were.

How involved in fandom do you consider yourself? The majority viewed themselves as moderately involved.

You can view the full presentation about these results, including many of the extra comments included: here

Podcast Excitement!

So the first Monday of a month is usually devoted to Fandom First posts but… I was on a super cool podcast that I am so excited to share!

I was interviewed on the awesme Less Than Or Equal. What is that you ask? Well, from the website:

“Welcome to Less Than Or Equal, a podcast dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments and contributions of geeks facing inequality in their industries.

Everyone of every gender, sexual orientation, race, color, physical ability, and physical appearance deserves to be treated equally by the tech industry and other geeky communities. We believe the catalyst for a cultural shift toward equality is continued conversation that drives awareness and understanding.”

A pretty awesome goal right?

I am incredibly honored to be a guest on the show and hope you’ll give it a listen and support Less Than Or Equal.

You can find my episode here.

Back to my roots in Milledgeville, GA



This weekend I will be a guest at the Georgia Literary Festival taking place in Milledgeville, Ga. This is my first year as a guest, and, for me, what makes this honor even more special is the fact that I received my bachelor’s degree from Georgia College in Milledgeville. It’s also the first place I was published (in the Georgia College Literary Magazine, The Peacock’s Feet.

So Milledgeville is near and dear to my heart and I’m very excited about returning.

So, where will I be?


Somewhere between 5-7: The Georgia College reception in the Dunahoo Lounge on campus (next to the Chic-Fil-A).


12:oopm: Rise of the New Pulp in the Georgia College Library Information Technology Center.

4:00pm: Georgia (and Murder) On My Mind in the Old Governor’s Mansion Education Room.

Between those, I’ll be in vendor area wandering from table to table. My awesome friends, and fellow writers Bobby Nash, Sean Taylor, Van Allen Plexico and Barry Reese (who also deserves a huge thanks for all the work he’s put in the festival and making it awesome!).

I will be selling my books and am happy to sign anything, so just come say hello!

Book Releases and Tears

Today my first stand alone work debuted on Amazon (which you can buy here).

It’s been an incredible trip to get here, and I have a confession to make.

Today, after getting home from work, and just staring at a book cover with my name on it, I  burst into loud, ugly sobbing for about thirty minutes.

Because a year ago, I didn’t think I’d ever be here.

I wrote the Bone Queen while I was in my second to last semester of grad school, and I was ready to give up writing. I hated the first draft of the Bone Queen. Hated it. I was ashamed of what I’d written.

I lost all faith in myself as a writer, and resigned myself to never writing again.

And for about six months after that, I didn’t write. I was at a point of exhaustion I didn’t think could exist. I was past just running on fumes; I ran on nothing but spite, hate, and caffeine. Graduate school really did nearly kill me and every creative bone in my body.

It wasn’t until I had turned in my thesis that I even really gave writing a try again, and I was shocked at how much just writing again helped me feel like me again. It helped me be not so exhausted, not so depressed, and anxious.

It was like falling in love with words all over again.

The Bone Queen’s revisions all happened during that slow return back to words. The first few revision drafts were painful and awkward like trying to crawl through a mine field with your arms and legs bound behind your back. But by the time the third draft was taking shape, I felt confident in my own fingers again.

I found my footing, and The Bone Queen’s story found its heart.

Seeing it in print, knowing that everything had paid off in the end just sent me into tears of relief, and joy at knowing that I did it, that I was much stronger and way more dedicated than I ever gave myself credit for. (and waaaaay more dedicated to writing than to say… getting up early to exercise. hahahaha)

So, here’s a little bit of encouragement and hope out there for anyone whose struggling with writing, who can’t see the end of the road. It’s out there, and you can get there even if you have to crawl through the mud, and drag your exhausted body across coals.

I know a lot of people are starting Nanowrimo right now, so just buckled down and crawl through the fire.

You can do it.


Special Announcement! My debut digest novel announced!

Hi all!

Sorry the blog has been in disrepair lately, I’ve been hacking and editing up something I’m very excited to share. My first debut stand alone work will be available soon! Now, while I go scream and dance and flail with joy: here is the official press release.






In 2011, Pro Se Productions, now a leading publisher of New Pulp and Genre Fiction, debuted a new character initially as a live spokesmodel to promote both the company and New Pulp in general-The Pulptress. Proving popular in the New Pulp Community, the Pulptress appeared in her own volume of adventures by various writers in 2012. One story and one character besides The Pulptress within that volume in particular captured the minds, tongues, and hearts of fans so completely that she now comes to life in her own digest novel.


Pro Se Productions proudly announces the upcoming release of THE BONE QUEEN, a digest novel by Andrea Judy. Judy, a contributor to the original THE ADVENTURES OF THE PULPTRESS collection, titled that short story ‘The Bone Queen’, but the new book is something more. It is that most hallowed of stories-The Bone Queen’s origin.


The Bone Queen-Strangely exotic, absolutely disturbing. A woman who, although hauntingly beautiful in some respects, is also horrifying, much of her upper torso missing and bone exposed. A Practitioner of Death itself, able to bring the Undead to Unholy Life by consuming their bones, The Bone Queen stands as a formidable archenemy to The Pulptress. But who was she before Fate ripped away her flesh and committed to her a most terrible, awesome destiny? Andrea Judy takes readers back to the beginning for this enigmatic character in THE BONE QUEEN.


I’ve always loved the villains in a story,” says Judy, “so I was thrilled to have the chance to tell a story from a darker point of view, showing the reader where a villain came from. It was a struggle at times to write, to remember that this wasn’t a story about light overcoming the dark, but about embracing that darkness. I’ve had an amazing time working with Pro Se getting this book together, and I’m thrilled to share it with the world!”


THE BONE QUEEN is the first of two digest novels set in the Pulptress’ world that Judy will write. The second, due out in 2014, will focus on the second meeting of Judy’s villainess and the Pulptress, a follow up to the initial short story.


THE BONE QUEEN, featuring an absolutely gorgeous cover by Ariane Soares, an artist with Fitztown, is tentatively scheduled for release in November 2013.


Andrea Judy is a writer, student, and professional pixie. She makes her home in Atlanta, Georgia She enjoys causing mischief by talking non-stop about Internet memes and all of the stories she’s working on. She has had poems and short stories appear in various literary magazines. She is returning to her roots in genre fiction and is happy to have her first novella published with Pro Se Productions.


For more information or to interview the Author, please contact Pro Se Productions’ Director of Corporate Operations, Morgan Minor, at

For more information on Pro Se Productions, go to and like Pro Se On Facebook at to keep up with future releases concerning THE BONE QUEEN and other Pro Se works.





I am officially an author on Amazon.

So I have some very, very excited news. I am officially an author on Amazon. If you go to Amazon and type in my name, “Andrea Judy” then you get an actual result!! It’s a great anthology I’m honored to be in:

The Pulptress (It is also available in ebook format)

My short story, The Bone Queen is the last story in this amazing collection and I could not be more thrilled. This collection features five face-paced, pulp stories starring the amazing female pulp hero, The Pulptress.

This collection is from Pro Se Press who put out some of the leading Pulp in the world right now.

Please go purchase your copy and the next time you run into me I’ll be happy to sign it for you!

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to go squeel some more!

Exciting Announcement!

So I have some very exciting news about my writing… and it’s in the form of an awesome press release!!

Pro Se Productions, a leading Publisher in the New Pulp Movement, and Altus Press, the foremost Publisher of quality Pulp reprints and new works such as THE WILD ADVENTURES OF DOC SAVAGE, announced a partnership in November and revealed today specifics to what has become known as the PULP OBSCURA Imprint. 

The concept behind Pulp Obscura is that Altus Press and Pro Se Press will work in conjunction to produce related products.   When Altus Press publishes specially selected titles featuring rare and largely forgotten Pulp characters’ original stories, Pro Se will bring together the best writers of New Pulp today and simultaneously release a collection of newly written tales starring the same character. This stunning partnership will showcase both the classic adventures of some of pulp’s lost treasures while simultaneously allowing New Pulp’s finest to bring those characters back to life.

“This,” Tommy Hancock, Partner in and Editor-in-Chief of Pro Se Productions, “is no easy task.  First to provide New Pulp stories, brand new exciting adventures of rare classic Pulp Characters and to coordinate that with Altus Press.  But then finding the right creators, the authors who can breathe new life into these concepts and on top of that, deciding and planning which books will come out in the coming year.  It’s a heck of a task and one that has been rewarding on so many levels.”

Thirteen books in the Pulp Obscura line from Pro Se have been planned.   At least eight of these will be timed to release simultaneously with the reprinted adventures of the same characters as produced by Altus Press.  Five more will be published by Pro Se that will feature characters Altus Press has already published the available adventures of in the past. 

“We are extremely proud,” Hancock stated, “to be able to announce a fantastic line up of writers for Pulp Obscura.  Some of the creators involved are well known figures in the Pulp Community, others are prestigious in other genres and literary fields, and there’s even a blossoming new author or two thrown in the mix.  It shows a project has great promise when you as a Publisher simply put a call out for authors who might be interested in participating and you get not only a flood of interest, but also writers who stay on through the selection process of what will be written and who will write it.   Pulp Obscura could not have a better line up of creators for both their skill and their commitment.”

 “It’s going to be great to see this new material. Interest in the series has been huge and the enthusiasm by the writers will certainly result in plenty of enjoyable reads,” added Matt Moring, publisher of Altus Press. “I cannot recall such a publishing plan ever in the history of the pulp community.”

The writers involved in the Pulp Obscura Line in 2012 are-

Howard Hopkins                        Allan Gilbreath             Barry Reese
Derrick Ferguson                        Joshua Reynolds          Andrew Salmon
Nick Ahlhelm                               Jon Edward Klement   Bobby Nash
I.A. Watson                                 Teel James Glenn         Nancy Hansen
Lee Houston, Jr.                        Chuck Miller                 R. P. Steeves
Don Thomas                              Adam L. Garcia           Van Allen Plexico
Frank Schildiner                        Mike Bullock                Sean Taylor
Andrea Judy                              C. William Russette      Phil Bledsoe
Ashley Mangin                          Russ Anderson             Brad Mengel
Terry Alexander                        BC Bell                        James Palmer
Andrew Hind                            Stefan Dogaru              Kevin Noel Olson

Just as exciting and important as the lineup of writers involved in PULP OBSCURA is the list of characters and volumes that the Imprint will have in 2012.  There are 13 planned volumes from Pro Se for the first year of PULP OBSCURA and the books, along with the writers contributing to them for the first quarter of the year include-

THE NEW ADVENTURES OF RICHARD KNIGHT VOLUME ONE-Adventures of a daring pilot/detective who encounters lost worlds and oddities galore!
Writers- Josh Reynolds
  Barry Reese
  Adam Garcia
  I.A. Watson
  Frank Schildiner
  Terry Alexander

THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THE EAGLE VOLUME ONE-Classic Two Fisted Spy Stories! Pulpy Espionage and Intrigue!
Writers- Rich Steeves
  Bobby Nash
  Teel James Glenn
  Lee Houston, Jr.
  Ashley Mangin
  Nick Ahlhelm

PRICE OF THE MISSIONARY’S GOLD: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF ARMLESS ONEIL VOLUME ONE- Classic Pulp Adventure in Exotic Lands seeking Treasure and Action! And with a Tough as Nails Hook Handed Hero!
Writers- Sean Taylor
  Rich Steeves
  I.A. Watson
  Chuck Miller
  Andrew Hind
  Nick Ahlhelm

THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THE GRIFFON VOLUME ONE-Thrill to the adventures of Kerry Keen, the masked hero known as The Griffon! High Flying Escapades in the Pursuit of Justice!
Writers-Don Thomas
 Rich Steeves
 Chuck Miller
 Van Plexico
 Phil Bledsoe
 Stefan Dogaru

THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THUNDER JIM WADE VOLUME ONE-Globe Spanning Adventures into the Darkest, Strangest Corners of the World with A Hero Like No Other!
Writers- Barry Reese
  Andrew Salmon
  Ashley Mangin
  Nick Ahlhelm
  Andrew Hind
  Frank Schildiner

THE CASES OF MAJOR LACY VOLUME ONE –Follow The Major and his intrepid team of men as they take on crimes and criminals No One Else Can Stop!
Writers-C. William Russette
             Andrew Salmon
             Bobby Nash
             Andrew Hind
             Don Thomas
             Rich Steeves

“At least seven more titles will follow later in 2012 in the Pulp Obscura line,” Hancock stated.  “We are immensely excited not only to be a part of something so great, but also because of the fantastic response this concept has received. We hope everyone joins Altus and Pro Se for the wild roller coaster ride into Pulp Obscura!”

For more information on Altus Press, go to

To learn more about Pro Se Productions, check out

Press packets and further information can be provided upon request at
I have not stopped squeeing with excitement! As soon as more details are available about the super awesome project I’m working on I’ll share!

The Battered Suitcase Interview with Me

Hello! The past two weeks have been midterms and my little brain wants to curl up and cry, so instead of a blog post today I’m going to send you over to an interview I did with the wonderful magazine, The Battered Suitcase.

Go check it out and be sure to look at their work (even purchase a copy!). They have some amazing work! And hey, if you purchase a copy of the magazine issue I’m in I’ll even sign it for you!

Anyways, I’m back to the books and schoolwork!

Here’s also an amazing list of blogs for Pay it Forward, starting on the 14th! Feel free to sign on up!