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Five Ways to Keep Writing While Stressed

So I just finished moving and somehow managed to not pull out all of my hair even though I really wanted to. Along the past month I spent a lot of time stressed out and trying to hit a deadline with an office in boxes. So here I am back with a blog post about writing when stressed out and some tips that helped me live through box fort island.

Moving Mess


1. Write first thing.

Get out of bed even just 15 minutes early and use that time to write. It’s easy to get drowned in the chaos of the day and stress. But if you get some words down before the rest of the day can beat you up then you can get some great work done.

2. Writing sprints.

Another way to get some writing in is to just do a writing sprint for 10-15 minutes. Waiting for the next appointment and have some down time? Grab your phone, tablet or paper and write. It’s impressive how much you can get done in these little chunks. I started writing on the train ride to work to just get words down.

3. Break out.

Go somewhere new and spend time writing. Getting out of a stressful environment can help you get some writing done. (Please don’t actually break anything)

4. Put it on your calendar.

Make a date with your laptop and commit to it. Block it off on your calendar and stick to it. This can be tough to manage but it’s incredibly effective.

5. Don’t.

I know, I know! But sometimes there really is too much going on and you need to accept that words are not happening. Don’t beat yourself up about it and don’t say anything mean to yourself. It’s ok.

Those are a few pointers for writing while stressed but I’d love to know your tips.


The Silent Sneakiness of Stress

I think to some extent stress is good. It keeps you moving, motivate, etc. But sometimes stress sneaks up on you. It’s a lot like how a frog will be boiled alive if you turn the water up bit by bit (is that a myth?). The frog doesn’t realize it’s in boiling water being made into frog soup until it’s too late.

That’s what stress is like for me. I think everything is going fine, not too stressed and then WAGH WHY IS THE WATER BOILING AR98GHAR0HG8ARGAGBREGBAER

Exactly like that.


That is where I am. I just noticed the water is boiling.  It’s nothing horrible. It’s all things that will pass and I know it. But, that doesn’t help when you’re IN boiling water. The burns will heal but it still hurts like hell (am I stretching this boiling water thing too far? Yes? I thought so)

It’s strange that my body and subconscious realized how stressed I was months ago. They saw the water getting hotter and hotter, and tried to warn me. I’ve had chronic shoulder and neck knots for weeks. The doctor asked if it could be stressed related and I told him no way. Well played shoulders. Well played.

But I know where you live shoulders...

My writing has also become more frantic, disjointed and violent over the past month. Without even realizing it I’ve been writing about racing hearts, bodies bursting, hospitals, and things coming a part at the seams. Looking at it now, it’s so obvious how stressed and freaked out I am right now.

Long story short a loved one has been very ill on and off for almost 3 years, and is now going to a speciality hospital for treatment/diagnosis. So I am taking care of my younger sibling by myself and trying to hold down the fort of the house.

It’s no pity party, and I know things will be fine, but I was really surprised to see how much my unconscious mind realized before me. It takes me having to hide in the bathroom in tears at work when someone asks how 2011 is going to realize there is a problem.

Nope, nothing wrong here.

 I remain oblivious even though my body and subconscious are hitting me with sledgehammers and electroshocks to try to wake me up. Silly brain. Well, now I know I’m stressed/scared/paniced/sad/anxious/human and I’m going to try to cope with it as well as I can. Deep breaths, meditation, write. Side projects are going to have to take a back burner for me to just get along for now.

Has your writing ever really made you realize something before or helped you cope with some extreme emotion?

Also, I apologize if posts for the next few weeks are weak. ❤